Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Barts look after the smokers

                                                          The Holy Smoke

Chelsea speakeasy bar Barts are proud to unveil the ultimate trend for 2012 in the form of an entire menu of tobacco infused cocktails. These smoker’s delights will provide the ultimate fix without anyone having to venture outside.

All the drinks on the Barts "Goes up in Smoke" menu are made with Perique Tobacco Liqueur, which is made by artisans from the rarest tobacco in the world: Louisiana Perique. The liqueur contains all the rich aroma of this tobacco, but in a form that greatly diminishes the health concerns associated with its traditional use. The drinks served at Barts will have quirky smoke-themed names such as The Cig’nature Cocktail, In Vogue and Holy Smoke.

The Holy Smoke cocktail is a tangy blend of Perique, Hennessy V.S., Havana Club 7 Y.O. and Vanilla Syrup. Guests will have never tried a signature drink quite like The Cig’nature Cocktail, which is an enticing mix of Perique, Lindisfarne Mead, Lemon Juice and Perrier Jouet Champagne. The elegant In Vogue, which combines Perique, Sauza Hornitos Tequila, Raspberry Puree, Gomme Syrup and Crème de Framboise should satisfy any cravings.

Barts is a quirky 'speak easy' style bar on prestigious Sloane Avenue in the heart of Chelsea. It is the brainchild of Duncan Stirling and Charlie Gilkes, the dynamic duo who also own the highly successful 80’s themed nightclub, Maggie’s. They launched Bunga Bunga, an Englishman's Italian, Bar, Pizzeria and Karaoke in Battersea this autumn to widespread acclaim. 

The Barts Goes Up In Smoke Menu is one habit you won’t want to break.

T:  020 7581 3355

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday: 6pm-12.30am, Friday-Saturday: 6pm-1.30am, Sunday: 6pm-11pm

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