Thursday, 12 September 2013

September is HONEY MONTH at The St Ermin's Hotel

Me, in my very fetching beekeepers outfit having a fantastic time with the St Ermin's Hotels 200,000 honey bees.

To make a beekeeping booking
please call
Gemma Wren
020 7222 7888

I am rather late in posting this as it is already nearly halfway through September, but as they say better late than never......

The St Ermin Hotel in St James' London has been the proud custodian of several bee hives, for a couple of years now, which are kept on their roof under the watchful eye of Camilla Goddard, who looks after hives all over London and is indeed the person whom the police call if they have been contacted about a swarm. So the St Ermin bees are in expert hands, that was until I had a go.

During the month of September The St Ermin are celebrating all things aviary from cocktails to afternoon tea and indeed they are holding beekeeping workshops. these last two hours and are held on the hotel's wildflower lawn terrace. Camilla gives you a hand on experience with the bees, you are kitted out with a suit, so no need to worry about being stung, and Camilla explains in simple laymans terms on husbandry and the making and collecting of the honey. She is even able to analize the honey to see the sources from which the bees gleaned their nectar from, truly fasanating, and amazing seeing them close up and being able to see them communicate to each other.

The workshops are held every Tuesday during September and start at 14.30

Workshop including a honey cocktail is 15 GBP per person
Workshop including a honey cream tea is 25 GBP per person
Workshop including both honey cocktail and the honey tea 35 GBP per person

They really are great fun and a great way to be introduced to beekeeping, if you are thinking of taking it up... Hurry, whilst space is still available.


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