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Bloggerview with Lorena Oberg

Lorena Oberg

Lorena Oberg
Clinical Aesthetician and owner of Lorena Oberg Skin Hair and Beauty
What would you like to plug:  
We offer free removal of radiotherapy tattoos.
Name your three dessert island ingredients:  
Pasta, Garlic, and Olive Oil, you cannot beat an little Italian in your life.
What would I find in your fridge that I might find odd?   
My own made miracle oil keep it cool its gorgeous on my skin helps revive me, made of avocado and almonds.
Food stuffs that you would put in room 101: 
Cauliflower, especially if it is boiled.
What would you like to have for your last supper? 
Steak and Chips….classy gal that I am, you can not beat it , as much as I am a healthy lady, you need a treat now and again.
What cookbook do you use the most?   
My mum’s Swedish recipes that I’ve written down, but commercial books I like Jamie Olivers 30 minute meals. I like to make sure my family eat well with out having to take all day to create something. .
Your favourite spice?
Garlic and it is so good for you.
Best dinner party guests and what would you cook them?
 I adore Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders any of the Ab Fab cast could come, a couple of my colourful male friend say I am so Ab Fab. I would love to cook my Mum’s Swedish meatballs for her with mash and loads of champagne sweetie darling.
What was your teatime treat as a child?
 Nutela and bread, so naughty and yummy.
What was the first thing you learnt to cook?
A stew, and when you hit hard times it a God send and it’s a great comfort. Thank you mum, I learnt how to do it.
And what was the first thing you taught your children to cook?
They make a mean scrambled egg, nice for mothers day breakfast in bed.
What was your mother’s signature dish, and do you try to copy it?
Her meatballs are the best and I can only emulate, I will never be able to replicate, as my children are all too happy to point out every time I make them!
What dish gets you out of a tricky situation with your partner?  Pasta and white sauce, I bribed a chef years ago to give the recipe and its so easy, takes 10 minutes and everyone loves it!
What would you say was your most memorable meal?
 Its only happened recently, there is this fantastically understated Italian restaurant around the corner from our Harley Street clinic called 2Venetti, every meal in there has been great and the service is the best I’ve ever had anywhere.
And what would be your biggest disaster?   
Disasters are too many to mention, I have a lead lined stomach from eating from food street vendors on my travels!!!!!
What do you wish you had never eaten, but had to?  
When travelling in my youth, there were many times local people have shared their food with me but I had no idea if it was fresh or sanitary, but I had to eat it to not offend the kind hospitality that was being so generously offered.
What do you consider to be the Best of British?
 Pie and mash all the way, great comfort food.
What do you think are the best and worst things about London restaurants? 
I actually think that food in London is pretty good overall.  The standards have risen dramatically in the last 15 years making our capital a must destination for foodies. We still need to catch up with US service and I insist all my staff give a 100% good service .
In your opinion what do you think will be the next big thing, food wise? 
Raw Food, people who eat it are known as Raw Foodest  , veg and fruit  juices and organic vegetables are  being proven to pro long life and be benefit to the skin many people are turning to it.
Favourite tipple - Champagne…
Favourite restaurant -2Venetti
Nigella or Delia -Nigella!
KFC or Burger King -   Burger King
Gin or Vodka -  Vodka
Wine or beer -  Wine
Food Villain - Cauliflower
Food Hero  -  Meat Balls
Favourite sweet -  Chocolate 
Favourite flavour of ice cream -   Coconut
Favourite ever food advert- Cadbury Smash advert always makes me laugh when the Martians start giggling.

And finally your top tips for healthy looking skin.   You know that Olive oil you use to cook with and on salads????? Use it on your dry skin!!!!!!!!  Best moisturizer ever
Lorena Golberg Oberg

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