Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Carol Whitworth, Masterchef material ? I should coco

Carol Whitworth

I am sure everyone has one, a friend that you think could win masterchef. Well  my  contender is Carol Whitworth.

Not only is Carol a great cook but also a seamless hostess. So what does make a great cook? 

A great cook can look through their cupboards and make a great meal out of nothing. A great cook can look at almost impossible odds and somehow forge an unforgettable meal. A great cook has an intimate knowledge of flavour. Whether it comes in a pinch of salt or reducing a stock to its final and ultimate rich expression across your palate. And all this done knowing that at the end there will be people eagerly awaiting there hard work. Carol is more than capable of doing this and more.

Born in the North East of England and now living in Bristol, Carol has travelled extensively all over the world and has picked up some amazing tips along the way, her cupboards are bulging with ingredients that are well known to natives of many lands, but still not that too well known over here and it has been with great pleasure that on my many trips to Bristol from London whilst staying with Caroline and Fiona, old friends from University days, that I have grown to love going round to Carols for what always turns out to be a gastronomic treat. Numbers never seem to phase her, and watching her in the process puts me to shame. Her ability to make something out of seemingly nothing and taste the way it does is nothing short of miraculous. In fact so good was one Vietnamese dish that I have tried to better it in Londons many Vietnamese restaurants without much luck, so fine was Carols interpretation. This has happened again and again with her and I suppose I would just like to sing her praises and to make you all realise how fortunate we are to have friends that take not only cooking, but entertaining such an important part of their lives, which only goes to make ours all the better.

So on that point I will just say a huge Thank You to Carol and hope that there will be many more lunches and dinners along the way and more than likely she will do all this before going off to gig with her very successful band Doreen Doreen, who naturally, are playing at Glastonbury this year. Some people are just too talented for their own good.

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