Friday, 10 June 2011

Bloggerview with Lizzie Spearing

Name and occupation :
Lizzie Spearing - Publicist

What cookery book do you use the most?
Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course

What do you like to cook for friends and why?
Melanzanne Alla Parmigiana followed by Roast Chicken – very difficult to mess this one up

One kitchen gadget you could not live without?
Bottle opener

What is your earliest food memory?
Cheesy crumpets every Sunday afternoon for as long as I can remember

What sweets did you like as a child?
Pear drops

A celebration is not complete without......
A hangover the next day

What is your favourite food item?
Green and Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate

A cooking tip you would like to share with everyone?
If in doubt, pop down to Waitrose

Favourite restaurant?
Chez Andre in Paris

Most memorable meal ever?
Seafood on the beach in the Maldives

Where do you go for your favourite cocktail?
Jak’s on Walton Street for a Mojito

Which seasonal ingredient do you look forward to seeing most during the year?

You have been extremely naughty and you are about to have your last supper, who would you like to join you?

Ewan McGregor
Patrick Dempsey
Ruth Jones
Simon Cowell
Michael Jackson
Dawn French
Dudley Moore
John Candy
Jack Nicholson
Henry Cavills

Which chef do you most admire?
Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall – I want to live in River Cottage

Fine dining or relaxed local?
Relaxed local

In what way would you like to see things develop in the restaurant or bar industry?
I would like to see the smoking ban lifted

Favourite food blogs?
JCC’s Food and Drink Blog of course!

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