Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Trullo 300 ST PAULS ROAD ISLINGTON N1 2LH 020 7226 2733

N1 2LH
020 7226 2733

Booked in to one of the busiest Sunday lunch places in North London, Check. Arranged to meet someone I haven't seen in years, Check. Have lunch and very good wine, Check. Leave, Check....... If only it were that simple.

Trullo is one of those restaurants that you go to out of your comfort zone and then either consider moving or wishing that some like minded restaurateur would open Trullo 2  around the corner from where you live.

I had heard only good things about it so my mood was good on my way, it was made even better by my mode of transport being stuck behind marching soldiers, well it was commemorative Sunday, ditched the transport and walked the rest of the way on a wave of good will being shown to the chaps in all shades and forms of Khaki so getting there still bit early and in fact only the second table there, they obviously like eating late in North London.

First impressions they say are key and the greeting I got was charm personified, a charming and needless to say considering the area a very well educated young lady (Sarah) showed me to my table. The thing at Trullo on a Sunday is that they offer a set menu of the chefs making. In this case. Home made bread with deliciously golden olive oil and a sprinkling of salt followed by 
Mixed antipasti - Finocchiona, olives, autumn veg with anchovy sauce and crostini with pumpkin and goat’s curd. 
Then Pheasant tortellini in broth with Castelluccio lentils then 
Hampshire pork shoulder roasted in Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar with borlotti beans and cavalo nero the pork which was served pink, which seemed to not be a good idea to a lot of people as an awful lot of it went back to the kitchen, but in this day and age pink pork is no killer, the meat was organic and it was cooke, not rare and turned out to be really rather good.
Pudding was Poached pears, olive oil cake and vanilla ice cream and all for £30 per person
Cheese supplement £7.5 Taleggio la Baita Umbriaco(drunken cheese) Gorgonzola Dolce

 My lunch partner was running late so I do what I do in situations like that look around and make up stories to go with the people I am seeing. One irate father was giving instructions to awol daughter on how to get there, so she had obviously been out all night and was ringing hoping he would say don't bother coming, but no such luck for her as this vision of the morning after the night before came through the door and before she went to their table I just knew where she was going to end up... poor thing got dagger looks from Pa.

They also had the perfect Sunday sound track on in the background lots of music you know but have no clue as to who it is and you don't really care its doing its job, but not as well as what has to be the best Negroni I have had in an age which made me forget the lateness of my friend and just put me in a very, very good mood. Sarah made excellent choices with the wine. Adel and I laughed a lot, maybe a tad too much but it was a fun place to be, so much so I really am putting on my wish list that they open numero 2 near me.

So in parting just a great big thank you to all of the team there you do a sterling job and all with the utmost diligence and knowledge, I wish it were the same in all restaurants. The owner is lucky to have you , and vice versa, I am sure. Cheers thanks a lot. Great great lunch.

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