Friday, 18 May 2012


The annual awareness-raising campaign promoting inspirational vegetarian food and the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle is here. See what’s in store at Tossed.

How refreshing to find a place where vegetarians are catered for the whole year round, not just once a year, along with their omnivore friends. Because Tossed, the high street healthier eating place, has enough food choices on their everyday menu to please everyone.  And for National Vegetarian Week, Tossed highlights the vegetarian house salad and wrap options, always available on the menu, including the delicious Greek large salad or wrap at £5.40. Crammed with healthy, filling and tasty ingredients, fragrant herbs such as oregano and a light dressing, it’s also only around 360 cals.

What’s more, from the create-your-own counter, vegetarians can swap any meat or fish for a veggie or dairy ingredient of their choice, and all cheese is vegetarian. Add to this the vegetarian soups and stews for those who like it hot, including the famous 100 calories, intense flavour Tomato and Basil soup, and you can see why you don’t even need to be a vegetarian to enjoy healthy food at Tossed. 

There are around 4 million vegetarians in the UK (source: The Vegetarian Society) and their needs can no longer be ignored’ says Vincent Mckevitt, founder of Tossed. ‘Although I eat meat and fish, I am always looking at developing more vegetarian dishes because I genuinely like them and the variety they provide to an all-round healthy diet. At Tossed, we will continue to increase the veggie choices’.

For veggies in need of a protein boost, there is a protein shot to add to a freshly made smoothie, which already contain all your daily fruit requirements – such as Passionista, Berry Punch, Mango Mango and Strawberry Supreme, all at £2.95. For breakfast-on-the-go, try SMUESLI, the new, delicious fusion of smoothie and muesli, eaten with a spoon, not a straw and choose from Strawberry Start, Berry Boost and Pineapple Pickup, made fresh to order and also  £2.95. It contains only natural ingredients, from fresh fruit to skimmed milk and fat free frozen yoghurt, and Tossed’s own muesli blend.

Hungry vegetarians can opt for the Hot & Healthier Wholewheat Muffin Egg, Roasted Tomatoes & Italian cheese (322 cals) at just £1.95 and for those after a morning carb fix, but just a little bit healthier, there are delicious Wholewheat Croissants at 95 pence, made with low GI wholewheat flour to provide a steady stream of energy and lots of seeds which contain good omega fats..
There are currently eight Tossed venues in London, with more openings planned later in the year.  Twitter @tosseduk   

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