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Watson & Son Black Label Manuka Honey

                                           Watson & Son Black Label Manuka Honey
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Watson & Son was formed in 2003 in New Zealand and is the country’s largest single producer of Manuka honey. Its sole activity is the production of premium Manuka honey for healthcare products offering the antimicrobial properties of Manuka.

The company is headquartered in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand’s North Island and has over fifteen thousand beehives.

Founder and CEO Denis Watson, a scientist with over thirty years of apiary experience, descends from the Maori Chief Kahungunu of Ngati Kuri tribe, who have had guardianship of Kapowairua (Spirits Bay) since the discovery of New Zealand in AD 925 by Maori.

Through a joint venture, Watson and Murray Associates, Denis Watson helps Maori people build sustainable businesses by managing and protecting Manuka resources. Watson and Murray Associates both own and lease land where Manuka flourishes and have implemented Manuka planting programs in former pine forests.

Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium), part of the tea tree family, is a small evergreen tree that flourishes in New Zealand. Manuka honey is produced in the flower of the tree.

Watson & Son Black Label Manuka Honey selects each of its hive sites to ensure honeybees will only draw from the very best Manuka forest areas. Every site is government registered and identified with a GPS locator.

Every stage of the Manuka honey production process is managed to enable full traceability back to the hive.

The antimicrobial property specific to Manuka was discovered by Professor Peter Molan PhD, Professor of Biochemistry at Waikato University, New Zealand.

Every batch of Watson & Son Black Label Manuka Honey is tested by a certified laboratory using methods discovered by Professor Molan to ensure quality and purity.

New Zealand Manuka honey has been shown by research in the UK and Australia to be a powerful antibiotic against drug-resistant super-bugs such as MRSA. It can protect against harmful bacteria and help restore the balance of good bacteria in the body. Manuka honey is also effective against subcutaneous infections such as acne and sinusitis and could be significant for digestive disorders and inflammatory conditions.

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