Thursday, 21 July 2011

No 20, Sanctum Hotel, Warwick Street.

No 20 is the restaurant attached to Sanctum Hotel, the rock and roll crash pad set up by Mark Fuller in Londons Soho, for the young and the restless. With acres of area to play in the rooms, the roof terrace where there is a 8 man/woman hottub, this hotel is a place where things happen, but something that has been, I feel, slightly over looked by reviewers is the quality of the food in the restaurant. The place was packed when we sat down at our banquet table, which gives it a slightly retro Stork Club glamour. The menu nice and compact with all food groups covered we all sat back and people watched and drank until the food arrived.  The people really were something to behold. The was JLS, Robbie Williams, Katie Wassel and Nicko McBrain, the drummer from Iron Maiden, who I think has an interest in the hotel all these as you can imagine got quite a grilling from us and the table was split over a couple of them but it made the wait go with some alacrity. The food arrived, we ate, the plates were taken away, we talked some more and we drank some more, then the main courses arrived and without exception we all just stopped and stared at the food. All of the dishes looked amazing but the smells coming off them were equally entrancing. The one thing we spotted straight away was that the size of the portions weren't as big as our stomachs, so just as she was spinning away from the table we collared the waitress and ordered some side dishes. These came with indecent haste and we had the feeling that some poor other table would have to wait for theirs either that or the kitchen brigade are as spot on as the rest of the staff there. The restaurant also has some of the best rock and roll images I have seen for a while , in particular an image of Paula Yates looking more beautiful than I have ever seen her, added to this images of the great and the good of the recent music business, this alone is worth going just to drink them in over a leisurely lunch or dinner. I am sure I will be back.

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