Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The worlds most expensive potato comes to Tesco for £2.65 a Kilo

La Bonnottee, the worlds most expensive poatato

For one week, 2500 people from Noirmoutier use all their might to harvest this precious La Bonnotte potato by hand. The potato is picked in the first week of May and is followed by the harvest festival. La Bonnotte is a very exclusive delicacy which chefs worldwide wait every year in anticipation, to get this potato in their kitchens. The salty, nutty and light potato gets its taste from the light sandy soil and the influences of sea water and algea give La Bonnotte the taste of the sea naturally. The price usually paid for these potatoes is in the region of £400 per Kilo, Tesco have been able to source another supply that enables them to be sold for the much more reasonable £2.65 per kilo. Hurry while stocks last.


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