Friday, 30 September 2011

Best Lamington in London go to Taylor Street Barista, Mayfair

Taylor Street Baristas
22 Brooks Mews
0207 629 3163

Not having ever had a lamington cake but hearing about them, mainly in far off days when Home and Away was a programme of choice, many, many years ago it seemed that every time they went into Ailsa's cafe on the beach, the cake of choice was a lamington. Well many many years have passed but the sight of the said lamington on the counter of Taylor Street Baristas brought back images of a pre surgery Dannii Minogue bunking off school and stuffing her face with this cake. I started talking to the chap behind the bar who told me that they had just been flown in from Australia, he obviously saw the doubt on my face so he retreived the UPS package they had come in direct from Vilis cake shop, well apparently you don't get more original than that so much so that a lot of the pies that are sold at football stadiums are also Vilis pies and we know how much they like a pie down under.....

Anyway the lamington didn't disappoint light as air vanilla sponge covered in chocolate and then liberally sprinkled with desiccated coconut. Dannii Minogue is obviously not just a judge of talent, she knows her cakes too.

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