Friday, 3 February 2012

Cocktail Masterclass @ The Cinnamon Club

Alexandra's Margarita being made by JD

My Gibson as made by JD
These photographs were taken by Alexandra Heybourne

To go on one of these yourselves all contact details are below and additional information is on their website 

The Old Westminster Library,
                                                                     30-32 Great Smith Street,London SW1P 3BU
T: 020 7222 2555  
F: 020 7222 1333

When someone mentions the word masterclass to me I don't know why but I think of Maria Callas standing in front of a group of awe inspired students just waiting to pick up any tips she may be willing to give them. So when the lovely people at Roche Communications chose meas the winner of their competition to have a Masterclass cocktail evening @ The Cinnamon Club, that was what I was expecting, with out Maria Callas of course. And do you know what  they delivered on every level. There were meant to be four of us but the other two couldn't make it so it was just my friend Alexandra and myself.

We were put in the expert hands of JD real name Dainius Kazlausks who kicked off by making our favourite cocktails Alexandra had a Margarita and I had a Boston. Ok this is where I started to get really impressed. As someone who has been around bartenders for a long time and accustomed to their ways so seeing JD get to work was a thing of beauty. The swiftness in which he works was mesmerising and the care and attention to detail was something to see. With the Gibson he asked what gin I would prefer. I said Tanquery 10 and thankfully this got a nod of appreciation from him. I knew it was going to be a good night from that moment on. He put the ice into a glass beaker and then put the Nolly Prat in over the ice followed by the gin then taking a long handled spoon started to stir, not for too long, then drained into a chilled martini glass and garnished with two silver skin onions. Bliss. For Alexandra he made the margarita. 25cl of Lime,15cl Cointreau,dash of lemon juice, 5mls Gomme syrup and 40 mls Patron gold tequila. The thing that got me on this one was the way he salted the rim. He got a slice of lime and went around the rim of the glass then turning the glass upside down started to pour the salt over the glass. This way only getting the salt on the outside of the glass thus making for a far far nicer drink.

Well the first two out of the way he then went on to talk about the different qualities in spirits and what they are best used for in cocktails, honestly, riveting stuff and exactly the reason you should go and try this evening for yourselves. His knowledge is immense and the only thing that he allowed to take note of that I told him, and believe me there were many, was that he shouldn't keep his eggs in the fridge, they should be at room temperature for his sours. Well I say he took note, but bet your buttons those eggs, or at least fresher ones, are still in the fridge but with the sort of night we had and the brilliance with which he imparted the knowledge its an oversight that I for one am willing to overlook.

I took him a present the next day, a book called hangover cures. I rather wish I had had it at home. Would have come in very useful. Oh yes one other thing. They do feed you as well. not as well but JUST as well.

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